Why Adults with Senior Parents Need Help

Adults with senior parents, who are considering how the family will navigate the challenging times when parents are transitioning into their aging years, need to know, all parents want to be as independent as possible and don’t want to be a burden to their kids. This is what 25 years of helping seniors age well taught me.

However, I discovered not one of them had an individualized plan of “how to” ensure this goal of theirs would come to fruition. I know professionally and personally… this is what adult children want for their parents and themselves as well. They are hopeful the parent has a plan and has taken action steps to ensure their joint desire.

The problem arises at some point during the aging years, it is realized there is no plan and no particular steps have been taken to secure the parent’s independence or future well being. Now enter, the adult child who has a huge burden of trying to figure out what to do next…

Don’t Hope and Wait – Get Prepared and Relief from Worry and Wonder

The best time to get prepared is when your parent has a sound mind and judgement abilities. At this point in the aging process, the chances of preventing some crises, and having to make important decisions without notice or adequate guidance, is high. Often preventing crises and medical emergencies can increase one’s ability to retain more independence.

Get Prepared to Help and Guide Your Aging Parent

Online Programs for Your Schedule

Relationship Restart ™- 5 Critical Steps to Gain Parent Collaboration


Often times when there are challenges with communication, this course is the first step many people take when they need to heal or shift that relationship, before they get to the bigger conversation of creating the plan. Or in families where there are sibling communication challenges and there’s never been a time where you’ve really communicated with your parent on a plane below the surface, then start here. After experiencing the healing, shift, or up leveling in communication and the relationships, then move into the course of how to co-create the plan with that strong foundation and some new skills.

This program is for you if you:

  • are concerned that your parent hasn’t taken any steps to prepare for their changing needs,
  • want the best for your parent’s and your family’s future,
  • are not sure the steps needed for your parent to age well and reduce risks leading to more losses,
  • don’t know how to talk to your parent about their later years due to fear of upsetting them or appearing disrespectful,
  • want clarity and to know how to navigate the challenges in communication and changes with your parent and siblings.

This five module online-training can be taken on your schedule, anywhere you have internet access. It teaches you how to make a relationship shift with your parent and siblings to create a family team who works together toward the families best future results.

This program will:

  • shift your focus from your concerns, your ideas, and frustrations to knowing exactly what’s happening with your parent that drives their actions or inaction,
  • banish family communication missteps and confusion for good,
  • acquire more empathy that changes how you see your parent leading to a new trust from your parent,
  • tap into a realistic way for siblings to come together and function as a team,
  • ease your life with more efficiency, calmness, and knowledge of a better to communicate with ease..

For more information to determine if this program is right for you now or for access to this online program 24/7, send your inquiry to Rhonda@endlesslegacy.com


Plan Together for the Best Aging Journey: A Step-by-step Process to Equip Your Parent to Live Their Later Years with a Purpose-filled Plan


This program is for adults whose parent is without a practical plan to achieve their desires for their future aging years, or who is following The Wait & Hope Plan

This program will give you:

  • Peace of mind that your parent’s wishes are known no matter what the future holds.
  • A workbook with a step-by-step process for creating a purpose-filled, practical plan together.
  • Tools, resources, and conversation starters for navigating all that’s involved in your parent’s aging years.
  • Viable options that result in wise decisions and actions for your parent’s current and future care needs.
  • The joy of helping your parent make empowered decisions to live and love their later years, without regrets.

To determine if this program is a fit for you now, take the Parent Aging Plan Quiz to learn more about co-creating a plan for your parent’s aging years. Following submission of your quiz results, you will be invited to a complimentary phone call with Rhonda Caudell to discuss your next best step for you and your parent’s future years. Or email Rhonda@EndlessLegacy.com

The process of helping your aging parents figure out what is best for them is universal, best practices for adults with parents living anywhere in the US. Therefore don’t fail to help your parent plan for this major life stage.

Is It Too Late to Co-Create a Plan with Your Parent?

If you think it may be too late to properly have two-way conversations with your parent due to disease or illness, such as Alzheimer’s or other dementia, you will need different support and training, to ensure your parents best aging years.

Even if it is too late for meaningful conversations,  you will need  to know what to expect and how to plan for their future years. Rhonda can help you in this process as well. You will want to get free from the overwhelm and unknowns of what will happen to your parent during their later years. And even more important you will need to know how to communicate with them as their disease progresses.

Contact Rhonda@EndlessLegacy.com to discuss your individualized, confidential situation.

Crisis Consultation:

If your parent is in a medical crisis and you desire guidance and help with questions, Rhonda Caudell offers:

One-to-one 90 minute phone session, recording provided, and follow up email, during which we will:

  • address immediate concerns to mitigate the stress and overwhelm,
  • look for next step solutions to provide further relief, more answers, and create more peace,
  • identify resources that can help you address ongoing concerns,
  • begin to plan long-term solutions.

Value: $347.

Submit your request for Crisis Consultation along with your contact information to: Rhonda@EndlessLegacy.com.



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As seen on

Your services allowed my family to come together

“Your services were well received, and I think it allowed my family to come together, and recognize that Mom needed assisted living. Being able to visit a couple of places was comforting to my brothers, so they could feel more confident in the decision to choose assisted living.

I don’t think my Mom will be able to live at home again. Her cognition just doesn’t allow it. Also, her own expressed desire for doing so is no longer so dominant, because of her more limited orientation.

If we need your caring ad expertise, we will call o you again for sure.”

– Carla

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Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Memory Loss: A Guide for Adults with Aging Parents

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