Why Rhonda?

Rhonda Caudell managed care for seniors for over 20 years as their personal nurse geriatric care manager. Her passion working with seniors was discovered as a nurse in a “nursing home” when she was in her twenty’s. After losing her Mom and step-Mom to breast cancer, she noticed her Dad had really aged and was showing signs of dementia.

Rhonda found herself with conflicting priorities: her own business, concern for her Dad, and a husband and family of her own. She also knew many friends and acquaintances all seemed to be in the same life stage with challenges as their parents were transitioning into their later years.

Based on experiences professionally and personally, Endless Legacy was born, as was a new passion. She now wanted to transfer her experience and knowledge base of aging and clarifying what one’s aging parents want and need to other adults with parents who  were without a plan for their future aging.

Rhonda knew how adult children needed to shift their parent/child relationship by understanding what the parent is going through, learning how to communicate in a way that establishes trust then partner to co-create a future plan that takes care of all those involved.

Instead of continuing a geriatric care management model or what Rhonda calls “done-for-you care management”, she developed a system that adults who are concerned for their parents as they age, could follow to obtain the clarity, peace of mind, and confidence they desired.

The Aging Parent Expert

Since launching Endless Legacy, Rhonda Caudell, The Aging Parent Expert, has written and been published in numerous articles about all things related to parents and how adult children can care for them or oversee their care with a systematic plan. She has been published or quoted in Living Better 50, The Fine Print, Q&A Expert at A Place for Mom, ABC, CBS, Fox, & NBC. She has also been interviewed on blog talk radio and cable TV: Friends and Neighbors. She continues to write her own blog at EndlessLegacy.com where she likes to address common issues that arise from her ideal clients’ dilemmas, questions,  and how they learned to adjust and build a bridge with their parent as they aged.

Clients who gain the best results from working with Rhonda are professional adults who have parents and kids of their own, often called the Sandwiched Generation. They value family, their time, and want to be assured of their parent’s best interest and how to help with a concrete plan to guide them through the aging journey.

If you resonate with these past clients’ stories, complete the Aging Parent Quiz to see if you qualify for a complimentary phone Discovery Session with Rhonda. After taking the Quiz you will receive her free video training about the five areas needed to help you and your parent determine what is best for them now and later as their aging process continues. You will also receive an email with your quiz results. Based on your results, Rhonda will include her recommendations for your next best step.

Rhonda Caudell RN, CCM

Endless Legacy, LC
The Aging Parent Expert

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We Were Able To Develop A Plan

“Thanks so much for your assistance with providing services for my mom and the wonderful Professional Care Manager, Rhonda Caudell, who met with us. She was very professional, thorough, timely and provided a wealth of very useful knowledge and information.

We were able to develop a plan that we can put into action to begin improving the services received by my mom, as well as improving her overall well-being.”

– Family of M.G.

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