Adult children want the best for their senior parent during their aging years but they've realized there is no clear path to what is best.


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What We offer?

An easy to follow, systematic way to understand:

  • the challenges and changes senior adults face as they age,
  • what they say, do, and why; and how to respond to generate decisions and action,
  • the options and resources available to solve the problems and  unknowns during these years of ongoing aging,
  • how to form a partnership with your parent in order to co-create a uniquely designed plan for the years ahead.

Who is it for?

Adults whose senior parents, living in the US, are without practical, purpose-filled plans of how to live the aging years in a way conducive to their financial means, physical, mental, and spiritual needs, along with a plan B or backup.

What does it do?

The result of applying this systematic approach brings the adult children:

  • comfort, hope, insightful and realistic expectations,
  • a collaborative way to solve problems,
  • a bridge to fill the gap between differing opinions,
  • confidence and preparedness,
  • coping skills, patience and understanding,
  • empathy and trust,
  • support, and
  • a healthy caring and rewarding relationship with your parent.

At the same time the adult children are giving their parent a way to live out their years with purpose and without regrets.

Why should this matter to the families we serve?

Human nature is to react to problems as they occur, often resulting in undesirable and unexpected outcomes that can seldom be reversed.

Better outcomes, specifically for seniors, are connected to:

  • anticipate a predictable problem,
  • take preventable actions,
  • plan for the best, desired outcome and be prepared with plan B.

Absent an individually designed plan to follow, the default by families is do nothing and hope for the best. The reality is your parent’s changing abilities progress, leading to one crisis after another causing loss of independence and few options for their future.

Adults Have Parents Only for a Limited Time.

We are busy with our lives, raising kids, excelling in work life…

Then overnight it seems, our parents are transitioning into their aging years.

We worry and wonder…have they prepared for this next life stage and do they have ideas of what to expect, what it will cost them, or what will it cost me?

Perhaps they prepared when we were busy and didn’t notice and they forgot to tell us.

The fact is, if they haven’t told you about their plan of how they will navigate these challenging times as they age, then they don’t have a well thought out plan to guide them leading to a clear path for the months and years ahead.

Rhonda Caudell, The Aging Parent Expert, understands. She has been there before with three parents. She has professionally and personally felt the frustrations, seen the challenges of aging, and how past family relationships can prevent a unified approach to finding the best path for the parent.

She knows the steps you can take to identify the clear path and to co-create a plan for you and your parent to follow along the way.

The plan becomes your navigation system to lighten the path through all unknowns ahead revealing the best future for all concerned.

Considering the cycle of life: childhood, adulthood, middle age, seniorhood, mortality, the afterlife and so on generation after generation…What if your life was a story that remained after you’re gone and could be repeated by the next generation? What would your story be?

The “life-story” of families is what Endless Legacy was founded on and the reason it was inspired and created… to show you how to intentionally and purposefully create a family that cares for the generation above and behind. This cycle of transitioning into the aging journey becomes a family story worth repeating and passing on and on.

Our first and most important relationship in life is with our parents, whether it was good or not so good. As we grow up and develop other relationships and have families of our own, our parents are  still a part of our life, and our story of what shapes us.

As your parent enters their aging years, do you feel responsible to help them in some way? Are you worried about what their future will be like? If your answer is “YES” then it is a great time to be here.

If you want to know and understand all you can about the path that is ahead for your parent then take the 4-minute quiz, watch the video following the quiz to discover even more, and keep following Rhonda Caudell, The Aging Parent Expert.


Adults in this life stage who work with Rhonda Caudell, The Aging Parent Expert, gain:

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind and confidence in knowing they are doing the best for their parents

Time for family

Their time and energy to focus on their life, kids, and career

happy family

A way of knowing how to co-create a plan to guide the entire family now and later

Adults realized their kids are watching how they handle this transition of their parents. Absent a clear path to follow, their kids will simply repeat what they see…the concern and unknowns when parents are transitioning into the later years without a clear plan.. All adults desire to be a better example for their own kids. What kind of example are you modeling?  Is it a model you would want your kids to follow when it’s time for you to transition in your later years?

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  • education, years experience as a nurse geriatric care manager,
  • lifelong love for seniors,
  • parents transitioning to their later years,
  • my innate giftedness to recognize, communicate, and solve problems,
  • my passion to enable adults to co-create a clear path and plan their own kids will repeat for them one day,

inspired me to create Endless Legacy.  A place where adults can find the teaching and support needed to help their parents transition well and leave a family legacy aspired by generations to come. A Legacy that is truly Endless!

Rhonda CaudellRN, CCM
The Aging Parent Expert

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