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Have you ever given any thought to your parents aging and what that stage of life may look like? Or have you ever had a conversation with your parents about this normal process of life and how they envision it may play out?

If your answer is “NO” to these questions for any reasons, then you are in the right place.

Our first and most important relationship in life is with our parents, whether it was good, not so good or with biological or adoptive parents. As we grow up and develop other relationships and have families of our own, our parents are usually still a part of our life, and our story of what shapes us.

As aging parents begin to show signs of losing ground in their abilities, do you feel responsible to help them in some way? If your answer is “YES” then it is a great time to be on this site and start considering what this journey will look like and if you are prepared to navigate it without losing your own life.

Many adults are forced to consider: “What will happen to their parents as they are aging?” usually right after some crisis in the parent’s life.

Common crises could include: a fall, a medical incident requiring hospitalization, or an inpatient stay at a rehabilitation facility.

When a crisis or the unexpected occurs in your parent’s life, you are then faced with overwhelm and worry about your aging parents’ welfare. You realize you are clueless as to where to begin or how to help them remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Adults in this life stage who work with Rhonda Caudell, The Aging Parent Expert, gain:

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind and confidence in knowing they are doing the best for their parents

Time for family

Their time and energy to focus on their life, kids, and career

happy family

A way of knowing how to find the right answers for their parents’ care needs now and later

They realized their kids are watching how they handle this issue of aging parents. Absent any kind of model or pattern to follow, their kids will simply “rinse and repeat” what they are doing and their struggles. All adults desire to be a better example for their own kids. What kind of aging parent model or path are you demonstrating to your kids? Is it an aging parent model you would want your kids to follow when you are aging?

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  • education, years experience as a nurse geriatric care manager,
  • lifelong love for seniors,
  • aging parent,
  • my innate giftedness to recognize, communicate, and solve problems,
  • my passion to enable adults to create a parent care model they would want their own kids to apply when they need help

inspired and motivated me to create Endless Legacy a site where adults can find empowerment and the support needed to help their parents finish well and leave a family legacy that will be aspired by generations to come. A Legacy that is truly Endless!

Rhonda CaudellRN, CCM
The Aging Parent Expert

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